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In Florida there is no law that says to have to drive without a phone, but one company has adopted that into there rules and are very strict in forcing it.

Garrod painting is a very bright painting company with a very bright future. It helps local companies with implementing these rules and it helps the company with multiple spheres of asset management and risk so let me tell you what benefits they have that would increase your safety of your employees and the equipment and vehicles that you lend them

So as we know cell phone can become a distraction when driving because it can take one hand off the steering wheel and the rest of the driving attention and that is a disaster waiting to happen, its just a matter of when so do not drive while on the phone.

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It Doesn’t Matter, Exotic Car, Rental Car, Sports Car, SUV, Van, RV, Bus No Texting and Driving

This post is just for all motorist to understand that no matter what you drive it is absolutely not safe to drive and text, at the same time or have any sort of distraction that splits your concentration from driving

Driving while under the influence is partly like driving while texting, while your are driving under the influence your focus, vision and mobility may be impaired at all times while operating your motor vehicle, driving while texting, talking on your phone is no different you have one hand off the wheel to hold your phone giving you less mobility then normal if you had two hands as well as your concentration may be somewhere else as you are driving because you may be thinking what to say and what to do at the same time you operate your vehicle, even though some may be more skilled and gifted then others it still posses a risk and that is why the government has enacted these laws to minimize risk on the motor ways and to help reduce fatal accidents and Injuries in these devastating accidents

The bigger the vehicle the bigger the danger you posses, Rv’s and trucks carrying travel trailers in general are big vehicle with tremendous loads on them with not much room for error and that is why drivers have to be on the alert the whole time predicting vehicle movements and keeping there distance from other vehicles especially the ones who can stop a lot quicker then they can

trucks and Rv’s have a very limited stopping distance so to any distractions and you are in a very high risk of disaster to your own vehicle and others around you

With the passing of this new law we have seen a giant leap in safety records and less fatalities on the road but not every one is following this new law that is why the police are strictly enforcing this new law, since its been a couple years ago its still been enacted in Washington its been tough for a majority of people to get used to it and some may not take is as seriously as others especially that are driving a bigger vehicle

motorcyclists are really pushing for this bill to be enforced more strictly then it currently is because a lot of good motorcyclist have died tragically due to incompetence mostly due to the fact that the driver did not focus on the road and forgot to check his blind spot or looked more closely even though a majority of the accidents are actually caused by cell phone and other electronics use while operating a motor vehicle, some motorcyclist have taken it upon themselves to enforce this new law by intimidation or talking to drivers who use there cell phones while driving since it is a safety convert to each person in and around that vehicle

so please next time you see someone talking or texting while driving let them know that they can take someones life away by not paying attention to the road for a couple of seconds, if your driving your driving there is no room to do anything else

Keep safe and drive safe

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Talk Text Ticket

$124 Ticket for Violators

As of June 10, 2010, Washington’s new cell phone law is in effect—with strict police enforcement. If police see you holding a phone to your ear or texting while driving, they can pull you over. Tickets are $124 and could be more if your distracted driving causes a collision.

The New Law Means

• No talking on handheld cell phones while driving.

• No texting while driving.

• Teens with intermediate driver licenses or learner permits may not use a wireless device at all while driving, including hands-free devices, unless they’re reporting an emergency.

This law is not meant to encourage the use of hands-free devices. Hands-free devices offer no safety benefit. Parking your phone is the only safe way to drive. Pulling to the shoulder to talk on the phone or text is rarely a safe option and should only be done in an emergency.

The Danger is Real

• One study shows that cell phone drivers are as impaired as drunk drivers who have a .08% blood-alcohol level.

• Talking on a cell phone—with or without a hands-free device—increases the chance of crashing by four times.

• Texting drivers look down for 5 seconds at a time on average—enough time at highway speeds to cover more than a football field.

For More Information
www.nodistractions.orgAvoid the temptation, put your phone out of reach.

The changes that were made to the laws pertaining to cell phone use while driving can be found in Senate Bill 6345 at This bill will change the following RCWs: 46.61.667, 46.61.668, 46.20.055, 46.20.075.

Motorcyclists Are Pissed

The new law that demands that all electronics be put away when you drive has motorcyclist pissed that they are not being strictly enforced 

due to the amount of motorcycle deaths each year all stemming from drivers distracted by there mobile devices has the majority of the motorcyclists pissed off due to the fact they might get into a accident or maybe suffer sever injuries or death due to anthers mistake or being careless while driving on the road

of course the police are doing everything in there power to enforce the new laws, some city’s are more strict and some are still getting use to it

With more and more people learning to drive each year its no wonder why the incident rates are sky rocketing, and motorcycle deaths are becoming more common due to the fact that 3 of my close friends dies this year all due to motorcycle incidents that were not there fault said a Washington resident who also commutes to work and back on his motorcycle and he is very scared some times because he escapes deaths on a regular basis but he says it will catch up with him one day because it is a big risk

with Motorcycles now a more affordable way to have fun and commute to work its no wonder why most people are switching from there beloved sports cars to street bikes, the average motorcycle being about $5,000 its no wonder why most people would do so since it is cheap and if they are just commuting by them selves it saves on fuel cost, insurance is quite cheaper due to the fact that a motorcycle cannot do much damage to a car, and damage from laying down a motorcycle is quite inexpensive and cheap to fix for the average person

Due to the increase in motorcycle accidents it is 30 percent being the motorists fault but the other 70 is driver related incidents, like forgetting to check your blind spot, swerving into a lane, distracted while driving, and many other things, there even been some cases that cars pull into a lane unexpectedly without thinking and hitting an incoming motorist

just remember that motorcycles cant really break as fast a car can since it only has 2 tire and they are not flat so it makes breaking that much more difficult and skidding is not an effective way of breaking either since it is dangerous and can lead to serve injuries if the motorcyclist has to lay his bike down and body slide to stop, so they are constantly thinking ahead and trying to predict other cars movements and maneuvers to counter is someone does indeed do the unthinkable in some cases they get away with nothing to lose but other times it can end up in severe injuries and even death but in the end it could of been prevented in the case that the motorist was more careful and watched his blind spot and maybe was not on his phone someones would of been there with there family and friends

so please be careful watch for motorcyclist

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Why No Talking Texting?

A lot of of young adults and teenagers say that texting on the phone or taking on the phone has apsouluty no effect on there driving and even though many people do not understand that it only takes a couple seconds to get into a major accident

Even reaching for a cell phone can be deadly, since you are taking your hands off the road and reaching over causing you to turn your steering wheel all so slightly to the direction that your leaning towards causing you to run over the sidewalk and possibly kill someone, or into the other lane and suffer a head on collision

even though those cases are highly unlikely many may say, we witness them on a yearly basis


I myself have been witness to one of these tragedies, said David one of our editors on this blog,

I was going to church to volunteer and all of a sudden my father notices there is a lady riding along the side of the road as we pass her my father looks into to the rear view mirror hoping that she will correct the situation by pulling her steering wheel back to the right but it was to late she had hit a log that was put on the side of the road to replace the old telephone pole that was right next to it, the results were devastating she hit that log so hard that it tumbled into the street, if we were a couple seconds behind we would of been in a major accident as well since we would have hit that log that had been hit into the street,

anyway after the impact it send here car rolling into the old telephone pole luckily she didn’t break it, otherwise there would have been more problems and getting her out would have been worse since she was flipped on her side and her legs were pinned due to the impact of the log on the front driver side of her car

not to mention this happened recently, so please do not take your eyes off the road since you could be putting other lives at risk not just your own

Another incident that had happened not to long ago either was a friend of my friends was coming back from school and suddenly he noticed a vehicle goes into his lane from the opposite side then since he didn’t want a head on collision he swerves to the right then the vehicle swerves back into the lane so quickly giving him not time to respond and there was a big boom, the truck had run over the car and it was bad, specifically it had run over the drivers side were the driver was sitting causing sever back injury and neck injury,

later after hearing the crash, I quickly went to figure out what had happened since it was easily seen from our back deck,

turns out that the driver of the truck was reaching for his fallen cellphone, which was an ok decision since it would only take a few seconds at most apparently not, since he leaned over and the phone slipped farther which he then grasped his steering wheel for support to push himself further to reach the phone causing him to turn right since he was pushing himself to the passenger seat,

in this case turning his car in to the other lane which had on coming traffic, not good,

long story short there was a head on collision that made our whole neighborhood wake up and wonder what that was only to see two cars rolled over, on on its side and the other one completely rolled over into the ditch

please don’t do anything, that would otherwise split your focus off  the road, while operating a vehicle since you are putting your life and other motorists in danger, even if it was for a few seconds a few seconds is all that it takes to get into a severe car accident as you can see from the two explicit story’s above

Text Talk Ticket blog understands there may be states that still do not abide by these laws like Florida, even though there are Exotic car rental company’s that put these rules into there terms and conditions like Jacksonville Exotic Car Rentals even though they are a partnership between multiple exotic car rental agencies in Florida it is not wonder why they know that this one rule will someday save someones life.

So please take driving seriously and minimize the risk


Thank you